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Discover the History of NORAD Tracking Santa Claus that has become such an amazing adventure
known throughout the planet! Read how a simple advertising mistake began the tradition of Tracking Santa Claus!

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Explore how they do it!

Between 47 powerful radar installations, Santa Cams, Escorting fighter pilots, and the Satellites orbiting the earth -
learn how NORAD is tracking Santa Claus every year on Christmas Eve to delight children and their families!

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  • No matter what your internet connection speed, NORAD has created the fastest possible download access
    to your computer from their Satellite Tracking System. This enables you to view hourly video updates of
    NORAD Tracking Santa Claus from all over the globe. You will see Santa flying over a major city in the
    timezone where it is midnight in that part of the world! How incredibly exciting to see Santa flying over
    the Egyptian Pyramids or the Grand Canyon! WOW!

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