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Personal Santa Text Message

Personalized Text Message from Santa Claus

Personalized Text Message
from Santa Claus

Santa Claus Text Message Personalized to
Your Child's Name

Official Santa Mail has teamed up with Santa-Claus.com to bring you this amazing Text Message from Santa World Technology from Santa Claus!

UK Text Message from Santa Claus

Totally brand new and exclusive this
product is only available here!

Text Message from Santa Claus

The series of Santa Text Messages will appear to come from Santa and are best when spaced a few hours apart - you can determine the time lapse.


Have Santa send your loved one a series of 3 personalized Santa Claus text messages to make a memeorable and cherished Christmas memory.

Make this the Christmas they'll
remember with an amazing
Personal Text Message from Santa

3 Merry Textmas Messages plus an optional bonus CHRISTMAS MORNING Text.

Santa will mention their town, pets and you can even add your own text
for Christmas morning.

For example: Children will receive three personalised text messages from Santa to keep them updated on his progress in the lead up to Christmas.

Children will know, for example, that he has left the North Pole on schedule and of any delays that might slow his journey.

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Personal Santa Claus Text Messages

MY CHILD DOESN'T HAVE A MOBILE? - No problem, Santa can text Mum or Dad's phone and can be shown the personalised messages as they appear.

There is no reply option and the recipient cannot be charged to receive the Text messages, nor can they run up a bill by replying to Santa

A variety of MERRY TEXTMAS message themes Including, but not limited to:

  • Christmas Eve Tracker = 3 Text messages charting Santa's journey
  • Test Flight = 3 Text messages telling a funny tale
  • Small talk = Text messages of festive banter
  • BONUS: Christmas morning at 7:00AM - Santa wail say he got back safe and "your new bikes in the shed!" (for example)

A Text From Santa is a series of 3 personalised text messages from Santa costing just £3.49.

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UK Santa Text Message

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