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UK LIVE and Pre-Recorded Santa Claus Phone Calls

We are proud to be the "World's Only" Live Santa Calling Service!

Official Santa Mail has partnered up with to bring you World Class Technology for a
LIVE Phone Call From Santa Claus
from the NorthPole!

Live Santa Phone Calls

A Real Live Safe Santa*** will phone your child anywhere in the UK and USA. (See below in our FAQ's for More info)

Yes, You can receive Mobile Phone LIVE Santa Phone Calls too!

~ Santa Phone Calls are VERY POPULAR ~
We strongly encourage you to ORDER VERY EARLY!

Ask Santa to call a child this Christmas

Live or Pre-Recorded Phone Call from
Santa Claus in the United Kingdom

Just like with our personalized Santa Letters, based on the information you provide, Santa will talk about your child's pets, hobbies, Christmas Wish list and anything else you would like him to mention. It is especially wonderful when Santa talks about a great milestone or accomplishment that your child has overcome.

Encourage Santa Claus to mention about being Kind to others and being
respectful to family, siblings and teachers too!

Make this Christmas, the one your child will remember and cherish, with a treasured memory of TALKING LIVE with Santa Claus!

Be sure to get the handy-cam or cam-corder ready, and double check the battery pack is powered up, because you'll want to watch their reactions when they are talking with Santa LIVE on the Phone, time and time again.

UK LIVE phone Calls Representative

Prefer to Order by Phone ~ Absolutely! We can take your order by phone.

Please progress to checkout online and then click on "Order By Phone".
We can then read your basket and take payment.
0870 225 0023

F.A.Q.'s Frequently Asked Questions about a
LIVE Santa Phone Call ~ See Below!

What is a LIVE Santa Call?
Exactly what it says on the Tin!
We have recruited a bank of real Santas (people) who have contracts with us to play Santa Claus and phone children who live anywhere in the USA, Canada or the UK according to a call list we supply from bookings made from
***Safe Santa ~ All Santa's are vetted and are experienced with young children. All personnel come from either Teaching Careers or Children's Entertaining backgrounds and have been Security Cleared by the CRB (Criminal Records Bureau).

These are current (2006) clearance checks that have been initiated by us and executed by the government agency CRB. The recipient's phone is not billed nor charged for the Santa Call. No advertising is associated with the LIVE Santa Phone Call.

The Live Santa Phone Call will last approximately 2 minutes and is extremely interactive.

When do I need to book a LIVE Santa Phone Call?
You can arrange for a Santa Call to happen up to 4 weeks in advance. Call slots are extremely limited due to their obvious popularity and limited number of available Santas to make that magical call.

Tip: If Santa is to ring a child at a place where you will not be at the time of the call - please advise their parents/guardians of the call you have booked.

Can anyone with an ordinary telephone receive a LIVE Santa Call?
Yes! Although the scheduled Live Santa Call is ordered via the Internet using a secure payment environment, the Live Santa Call can be made to any phone including cell phones, anywhere in the USA, Canada and UK.

What time do Santa Calls happen?
A Live Santa Call will approximately 2 minutes and can happen at 15 mins either side of anytime you choose. The booking form will ask you for a date and "time to call". Only available dates and call slots are displayed so you can only book what's available - therefore avoiding disappointment.

I have more than one Child to book for, how do I do it?
Not a problem. Although each LIVE Santa Call is for ONE child - Santa will only mention the first named child even if the booking contains more than one child's name.

Tip: 1. Space each Santa Call 15 minutes apart. This will give the excited children time to tell you what Santa said to them before the next call comes in.
Tip: 2. Because the Santa Calls are personalised keep your purchase receipt and remember the order the Santa Calls are scheduled.

What does Santa Claus say?
When you book a LIVE Santa Phone Call you will be prompted for various information about the child. These details are similar to the details submitted when ordering a Santa Letter such as - Name, Age, gender, most wanted Christmas present, hobbies, pets & names , best friend's name and anything else you would like Santa to mention in his wonderful call.

What does Santa sound like?
Santa Claus is brought to wonderful life by each of our quality assured & security checked Santa's. Using the information you provide at the time of booking
Santa will speak in English only.

What if the phone is engaged when LIVE Santa Calls?
Each Santa Call is programmed to happen 15 mins either side of your allocated call time. For example - if you choose Christmas Eve at 6PM - Santa may call between 5.45PM and 6.15 PM - whilst this is necessary to allow for the unpredictability of previous calls that Santa makes it also makes for wonderful period of anticipation as you and your child wait not quite knowing exactly when the great man will actually call.

Tip: Make sure you inform the recipient's parent/guardian of the pending Santa Call and tell them to keep the line free!

What if I book a Santa Call and it doesn't happen?
A pre-booked LIVE Santa Call will happen!

The notification page and emailed receipt you receive upon successful submission of your order, will only be generated once the computerized booking system has accepted your criteria. The only way a LIVE Santa Call will seem not to have occurred is if you have specified an incorrect telephone number.
In which case somebody you don't know had a wonderful surprise! If Santa tries to call and the telephone number is engaged or their is no reply, he will retry for the next 15 minutes.

Please note the call will appear to come from an INTERNATIONAL caller so please set any CLI/call barring to accept International or unknown inbound calls.

Tip: 1. Make sure the recipient is in the house at the scheduled time of the Santa Call
Tip: 2. If it is a gift for a child other than your own, then tell their parent / guardian you have arranged the Santa Call.

Who is behind Santa Calls?
The organization behind and and is:
Santa Claus, Inc. 101 Convention Center Drive Las Vegas NV 89109.

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Your child will Talk about this simply wonderful Christmas Holiday experience for years to come. Absolutely an unforgettable memory that will brand the Joy of the Holidays into their lives forever.



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