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NORAD Tracks Santa
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Tracking Santa Claus

Be sure to visit the Fun games and Stories that Official Santa Mail
Provided NORAD for their 24 days of Christmas Countdown !

You can visit Chuckles & Buckley Bookstore to read an animated version of their adventure story or you can peruse over to Mixie Pixie Telegram Service for a challenging word scramble game!

Be sure to stop by and visit Zippy Elf Word Sleuths game for finding all of the names that Santa is known around the world!  Of course a trip to the North Pole wouldn't be complete without a stop at Prancer's Puzzle Productions. This is a great Christmas crossword puzzle that is sure to delight even the most youngest at heart and
a few folks not so young!

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Have you ever wondered "How" it is that NORAD came to tracking Santa Claus?
You can read about the amazing history of tracking Santa Claus in this incredible adventure on NORAD Tracks Santa website
in full detail all starting back in 1958 - that's 49 years ago!!

Enjoy the History of NORAD Tracking Santa Claus
that has become such an amazing adventure
known throughout the planet!

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"Tracking Santa Claus has long been a tradition in our home! Back from when I was a little girl, my parents helped me to call into NORAD and talk to them about tracking Santa Claus. Then the news stations on Christmas eve would give us updates and sometimes show pictures and that was always so exciting! But nothing beats the websites where now my own children can email while tracking Santa Claus all over the globe on Christmas Eve.

Tracking Santa Claus has been a integral part of our Christmas tradition from charity food drives, to Christmas Caroling, to Christmas dinner with our family and friends. We couldn't imagine sharing this holiday without NORAD Tracking Santa Claus.

Thank you for all that you do and the wonderful people who help in this tremendously joyous time of year! It truly gives us hope knowing that for one day a year, people can put away their problems and just celebrate the joy and magic of Christmas.

We love your site and our children really look forward to the letters and games they get from Chuckles and Buckley. Keep up the great work!"      
    ~ Faith - Tampa, Florida

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