Santa's Snowy Boot Print Track Kit

Snowy Santa Boot Tracks

Santa Claus Boot Prints

Snowy Boot Tracks Kit

Once you have ordered your child’s personalized Letter from Santa, why not make it even more real this year. Wouldn’t it be great if your child discovered Santa’s foot prints in the house and around the Christmas tree?

What would they think when seeing his snowy boot prints and snow laying there all over the floor? They follow the snowy boot prints to the plate of milk and cookies and notice wear Santa sat down to enjoy his snack.

Santa Claus Boot Prints in the Snow

This is what the Santa Snowy Boot Tracks Kit provides. It is available at the same time you order your personalized letter from Santa. The Snowy Santa Boot Kit is just the proof that somewhat skeptical kids are looking for to bring the magic of Christmas back to life.

Remember they are only young once and this incredible magical time of year is short lived. Think of the great amounts of pleasure you can receive watching your little one react to finding proof in his Santa's Foot Prints that Santa hasn’t left them in the magical dust.

Santa Claus Snow Boot Prints
Leave Santa's Boot prints throughout your home.


Santa Clasu Snowy Boot Tracks Kit


How many of you parents or grandparents would have liked to go on believing in Christmas even after a neighbor kid spilled the beans?

Can you imagine how incredible it would have been to have had a Santa Evidence Kit or A Regal Commerative Good List Certificate to hang on the wall? Or every child in the neighborhood would have been in envy of your Phone Call from Santa Claus - they probably wouldn't have believed you!

Would it have helped if your parents had ordered the Santa Snowy Boot Tracks Kit and placed all the foot prints around your house?Of course it would, but this kit wasn’t available back then. Even if you didn't have a chimney, after hanging your Santa Magical House Key on the front door, you can pose the boot prints to come walking right through.

Leave Santa's Snowy Foot Prints throughout your home!

The Santa Snowy Boot Tracks Kit is here today though, so don’t worry about having to explain the real story yet. Keep their fantasy intact a while longer with the genuine, proof positive, excitement generating,
Santa Snowy Boot Prints Kit.

Shipped in an unmarked box

Santa Snowy Foot Print Kits are shipped in a unmarked box
for curious little eyes!


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Santa's Snowy Boot Print Tracks Kit

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