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Santa Evidence Kit

Official Proof that Santa is Real!

Using a Santa Evidence Kit helps little ones struggling to believe for one more magicial year. Give them the joy of Christmas Love and Magic
one more time!

Because your child's "Magical Belief in Santa Claus" only happens once in a lifetime!

You wake to here the squeal of delights when your
children find out that Santa was really there!

Prove that Santa Clasu was really there!

Imagine being huddled under your covers, listening to the oohs and aahs as your children make each discovery. Don’t be surprised if they burst through your bedroom door to show you, proof positive, that Santa really does exist.

Christmas morning will be extra special this year because you had the foresight to get the Santa Evidence Kit. The Santa Evidence Kit contains all the items described below to make your Christmas morning unforgettable!

Santa Evidence Kit

Don’t hesitate till they’re all gone, the elves can only make so many, so reserve your Santa Evidence Kit today!

Santa Claus Evidence proof Positive Kit

Here's what could happen at your house!

Your little ones are all up early and trying to tip-toe down the stairs to see what Santa has left for them. They peek first to make sure the coast is clear and their eyes widen when they spot the big Snowy Santa Boot Prints on the floor. To scared to make a peep, in case Santa is still there, they creep down farther till they reach the bottom of the stairs and what do they see?

Santa Evidence Kit

There on the table where they left a glass of milk and cookies, right beside the plate, is a pair of glasses and a mitten. Obviously, Santa forgot them in his haste. Then, right by the fireplace they spot a piece of paper and discover Santa’s sleigh license. Over by the tree is a decorated ribbon telling the children what a beautiful tree!

They come running into the room screaming with chatter about all the
amazing things accidentally left and to come look as quick as you can
before it magically disappears!!!

With all this stuff laying around, Santa really must have been here!!

You truly are the Super Hero of Christmas!!

Unmarked Box for Curious Eyes!

       Safe Scure Checkout and Always Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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Even though your belief may have been hampered too soon,
why should your child's? We couldn’t agree more! Perhaps you have an older child as well or a grandchild, niece or nephew and you want to encourage the wonderful Magic of Christmas as long as possible too. We have an amazing collection of Letters from Santa with proof positive Santa Evidence Kits because "Seeing is Believing." Can you imagine what kind of memories you would instill to have a Phone Call from Santa Claus or even to have received a regal commerative "Good List Certificate" from Santa himself!


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