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Personalized Photo Christmas Gifts

Christmas Gifts You Custom Create with Your Photos

Upload you favorite images seamlessly from your desk top to custom create exceptionally creative Christmas gifts. No more same ole, same ole gifts.

Give something special this year from your heart with a custom creation that speaks volumes and will create treasured and cherished memories.

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In partnership with Zazzle - Official Santa Mail can offer the following xcutomizable products for a very special gift giving experience to your favorite loved ones.

Calendars - Custom insert your pictures for the twelve months of the year!

Holiday Postage Stamps - Custom insert your favorite pictures to send your
Holiday Greeting Cards!

Holiday Christmas Greeting Cards - Upload your Favorite Photos to create beautiful
cutomizable greating cards!

Holiday Christmas Postcards

Computer Mousepads

Stickers & Magnets

Photo Sculptures

Bumper Stickers

Bags & Buttons

Ties & Aprons






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Disney Ink Shop

Hot Wheels

Looney Tunes

Polly Pocket

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Deed to One Square Inch to North Pole

Personal Phone Call from Santa U.S.A
Santa Evidence Proof Kit
Santa Snowy Boot Tracks Kit
Santa's Goodlist Certificate
Santa's Magical House Key

Baby's First Christmas Santa Letter
Pets Christmas Letter from Santa Paws



NORAD Santa Tracker

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Customized Christmas Photo Cards


Customize Aprons and Ties with Your Favorite Photo or Text


Create Customized Photo Keychains for Everyone in Your Family




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