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Santa Phone Calls

Phone Call from Santa Claus Personalized
in Your Child's Name

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Timeless cherished memory receiving a
Personalized Phone Call from Santa Claus.

Help enhance the belief of Christmas Magic
with an amazing Personalized telephone call from Santa.

The Santa phone call mentions at least twelve points of familiarity for your child and each point fastens the fantasy more firmly in her heart. How much is a child’s smile worth these days?
The answer is, far more than your going to pay for a Santa phone call.

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Personal Phone Calls from Santa Claus
Personalized Santa Phone Calls

The snow is gently falling outside and your little one is propped against the window sill, staring out the window as each small breath makes a foggy little angel on the cold glass. Even though your child seems to be looking outside, you can tell from her eyes that her mind is far away. They look so wistful that you just want her to know that everything is ok.

You smooth back the dangling wisps of hair from her forehead and ask “what’s wrong“. She looks up at you with trusting eyes and asks that question you have not really wanted to hear, “Is Santa real. Mommy?” Your wondering what to say when the phone rings. Rather than you answering it, you urge your child to pick up the receiver.

Live Santa Phone Calls
LIVE Santa Phone Calls

Hello?”… you watch that precious face change from wistfully pensive to unbelievably astonished as her Santa phone call begins with her name! Santa immediately uses her name in the greeting. Quicker than the flick of a reindeer ear, your little one has been returned to the wonderful world of believing in something timeless and safe, where dreams are real and joy abounds.

Preview a Sample Call from Santa Claus
Preview a Santa Phone Call in Your Child's Name!

The Santa phone call was just the ticket to put your child right for the season
and turn on her all of her Christmas lights again.

Can you Imagine their delight when they hear their name being spoken by Santa Claus? The Personal Santa Phone Call is just one way to show a child the Magic of Christmas. Don't have a chimney and they want to leave the front door open Christmas Eve? Use a Magical Santa House Key - a special ornament to hang on the front door for Only Santa! Can you imagine their face when they recive a Good List Certificate or on Christmas morning they wake up to find Santa's Snowy Boot Tracks all over the place. You hear them squeal with absolute delight when they find out that Santa was really there with your carefully laid out Santa Evidence Kit plan. But of course, who could finally resist the most coveted of all tresures for a child, but that of the most cherished Personal Letter from Santa Claus himself.

Personal Phone Call from Santa Claus


Chuckles & Buckley, Santa's Hospitality Elves
sincerely THANK YOU for your support!

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Live Santa Phone Calls

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