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Happy Santa Cat because he got his letter from Santa Paws!

Pet lovers from all over the world are the only ones who could possibly understand why we buy stockings and put treats from Santa in them. Why not a Letter from Santa for your Pet as well! Pets understand more than you think they do, and often they feel what we feel. If we are down or upset, they mirror our feelings. If we are happy and joyful, they pick up on that too.

As a pet lives with us over the years, they become an integral part of the whole family structure. They spend hours sitting with us, and keep us healthy by taking us outside for exercise. They even sleep with us at night.

We love our Pets!  Give them a great gift from Santa Paws!

There have been many times that I have dropped off in the easy chair only to wake up and find a warm fuzzy cat tucked up against my side, so why leave them out. We know how much you love your pet and we would like to see your pet receive a Pet Letter from Santa Claus too in their stocking.

Now we know your thinking, “but what if a friend finds out that I have ordered a santa letter for my pet? Won’t they think I’m nuts?” A real friend would have referred you to this site and already bought your pet a letter! All you have to do is look at those dewy eyes, looking up at you in total adoration, and the answer is obvious.
Who deserves a letter more?

In the end, it will also help cement your child’s belief at a deeper level if their hero, Santa Claus, has been thoughtful enough to send a letter to Fluffy as well as your children. After all, who do you think Santa consults when he is making out the naughty or nice list on you!

Order your Santa letter for your Pets from the Jolly Old Elf himself, Santa Paws.
Ooops, did I say that?

Receive your Santa Paw Letter for your precious today!

Happy Santa Kitty! Pet Letters from Santa        Even reindeer get Excited over a Santa Paw Letter to Pets!     Happy Poodle because she got a Letter from Santa Paws!


For your other sweet Pet Lovers in the home ~

Enhancing your Chrismas for your little one this year is simple with Official Santa Mail. Can you imagine their face when they recive a Personal Phone Call from Santa or on Christmas morning they wake up to find Santa's Snowy Boot Tracks all over the place. You hear them squeal with absolute delight when they find out that Santa was really there with your carefully laid out Santa Evidence Kit plan. Whay about if you don't have a chimney? Most homes don't - but we have a Magical Santa House Key that will be a safe way for your little one to be assured that Santa can get inside without compromsing home security. But of course, who could finally resist the most coveted of all tresures for a child, but that of the most cherished Personal Letter from Santa Claus himself.

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Happy Santa Pet Letters to your Pooch!

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