Santa's Magical House Key






Santa's Magical House Key Helps Santa Find an Easier Way!

Santa's Magical House Key

Help Santa if you don't have a chimney!

Please may I have a Magical House Key?

Does your house have a fire place?
If it doesn’t, then your little ones could be worrying already!

How is Santa going to get in the house and deliver all of those wonderful presents? You can explain that, in the movie, everything kind of changed around making it possible, but your kids know that movies aren’t real so how is he going to get in...really. Now that you are stuck firmly in the corner please allow us to offer you a way out.

What if he had Santa's Magical House Key? Their eyes would light up and ask you how that would be possible, so you take out Santa’s Magic House Key and show it to them. It hangs from the front door knob and they get to put it there before they go to bed.

You tell them that only Santa can use this key, that it won’t work for anybody else but Santa. This stops any possibility of one of your little ones getting out the spare house key and putting it on the knob without you knowing about it, innocently inviting in some burglar who looks for that kind of thing. Instead, with Santa’s Magic Key, when the children come down in the morning, you have taken the key from the knob and hung it on the tree and it is right where they will find it on Christmas morning.

Sure would be easier with a Magical House key!

Once you have the key it can be a tradition you can follow year after year as long as they continue the believe. Later, after they are grown, they will have a real Christmas keepsake they can share with their own kids. So, why wait? Order Santa’s Magical House Key today.   

Please don't let this happen to me again!

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Santa's Magical House Key Ornament

Enhancing your Chrismas for your little one this year is simple with Official Santa Mail. Can you imagine their face when they recive a Personal Phone Call from Santa or on Christmas morning they wake up to find Santa's Snowy Boot Tracks all over the place. You hear them squeal with absolute delight when they find out that Santa was really there with your carefully laid out Santa Evidence Kit plan. Whay about if you don't have a chimney? Most homes don't - but we have a Magical Santa House Key that will be a safe way for your little one to be assured that Santa can get inside without compromsing home security. But of course, who could finally resist the most coveted of all tresures for a child, but that of the most cherished Personal Letter from Santa Claus himself.

Chuckles and Buckley from Official Santa Mail sincerely appreciate your patronage. Your efforts help us to be able to answer hundreds of thousands of FREE Letters from Santa Claus through NORAD Tracks Santa Program.

Thank You!

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