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Live Phone Call from Santa Claus

Live Personalized
Santa Claus Phone Calls

Phone Call from Santa LIVE!

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This season, brighten your world and your child’s world with a
Live Personal Santa Phone Call.


The Christmas season is here and you have been moving through the stores, looking for that one special gift that says Christmas. You try the toy department and find row after row of plastic wrapped ‘must haves’ touted on the television. You wander over into children’s clothing for a peek, but nothing there seems to do the trick.

When you arrive in the Christmas decoration department, this is a little better, but still not what you are looking for. Foot weary, you sit down to rest for a minute. You relax a little and let your mind drift. Christmas music is playing over the sound system in the store and as you stare at the flashing lights becoming mesmerized by their beauty. Even amid all the hubbub you find yourself drifting.

Live Personalized Phone Call from Santa Claus
Order Your Live Personal
Phone Call from Santa Today!

It is in this state of mind that you realize that what you have been looking for is the Spirit of Christmas and the enchantment you felt as a child. Even though you can’t go back and will never have that child’s perspective again, there is no reason why your little one should be left out.

How about a Live phone call from Santa. What better way to impart the feel of the season than with a live Santa phone call. Your child’s call starts when they pick up the phone at a pre-arranged time.

Santa greets your child by name and thus begins a very magical few minutes when your child’s whole world becomes focused on talking with the jolly old elf himself, Santa Claus. He mentions several points that cement the reality for the child like friends names, name of pet, their wish list, and several other points.

When the live phone call from Santa Claus is through, your entire home will be filled with Christmas spirit and it is then that you will realize that the Spirit of Christmas you were shopping for was alive and well and living in the heart of your child.


Live Santa Phone Call

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