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Santa Claus in teh Summer Time

How Do I Communicate
with Santa Claus?

Chuckles and Buckley Here ~ Santa's Hospitality Elves

We're here to help you comminicate with Santa Claus in several ways.

Please choose below which way works best for you and your family. Whether you would like to email Santa, write to Santa or send a letter to Santa - we are the resource to help you acheive your Santa Claus communication goal.

Official Santa Mail has many differnt way that children can reach out to Santa Claus. Here is a quick resource to help you find the way that you would like to get official information about how to communicate with Santa.

Here is a Listing of Helpful Answers Resources to Santa Mail Questions:

  • How do I send a Letter to Santa?

You can send an Email to Santa:


  • Where can I send Santa a written letter?

For Children on the European Continent - Santa suggests you send your
letters to his Finland Home at:

Santa Claus, Santa Claus Village, FIN-96930 Arctic Circle, Finland.

For Children on the Americas Continent - Santa suggests you send to the NorthPole at:

Santa Claus - Santa Claus Village - North Pole, Alaska 99705


  • How Do I Email to Santa Claus?

Email Santa Claus


  • How can I Receive a Foreign Language
    Letter from Santa?

Click here to receive a Letter from Santa in Spanish, Italian, German or French

  • How do I get a Letter from Santa in a
    Foreign Language in the Post?

Santa has many languages in which he can comminucate with children all over the globe. Choose from the languages below to help you.

Spanish | French | German | Greek | Italian | Japanese | Dutch


  • How Do I talk to Santa?

Your Parents have to make special arrangments with the North Pole Elvin
Telephone Santa Hotline Service.

Whether you are wanting to send an email to Santa, write a letter to Santa, get a letter from Santa or find a way to ask him a question - Official Santa Mail has the Official
resource answers for you.


For a more Personalized Letter from Santa experience, parents may opt to purchase a letter from our North Pole elvin staff.


Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas!

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