Baby's first Christmas Letter from Santa Claus





Baby's First Christmas Letter from Santa

Baby's First Christmas Letter from Santa

Santa Letters for Baby's 1st Christmas

Baby's First Christmas Santa Letter

There will only be one "Baby's First Christmas" and
Baby’s First Christmas Letter From Santa
will begin the magical belief in Santa exactly as you would have wanted it when you were a small child.

Now is the time to order up a whole new believer in Santa by buying Baby’s First Letter from Santa and having it sent before baby’s first Christmas!

Baby's 1st Christmas Letter from Santa Claus

You used to say that when you grew up - your house was always going to
"Believe in Santa Claus" and now that you have a baby, it is time make sure that your child will have beloved memories of their first Santa Claus experience!

The child’s development depends on having an active imagination and the very best time of year to exercise their imagination is at Christmas. The parent sets the pace in the development and you cannot start too early teaching
them to believe in Christmas Magic!

Official Santa Mail has teamed up with Santa Claus House to bring you
this amazing offer!

Baby's First Christmas Letter from Santa

When your child has more ability to understand you can show her the Baby's First Christmas Letter from Santa welcoming her to her first Christmas. Years from now, after your little one is a mother, the two of you can share the wonder of helping the new baby venture into the world of magic that exists in the imagination of all children.

It is a legacy that you, as a caring loving parent or grandparent, can give to your child. Let them start imagining today by ordering Baby’s First Christmas Letter From Santa.

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Baby's First Christmas Letter from Santa Claus!

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Even though your belief may have been hampered too soon,
why should your child's? We couldn’t agree more! Perhaps you have an older child as well or a grandchild, niece or nephew and you want to encourage the wonderful Magic of Christmas as long as possible too. We have an amazing collection of Letters from Santa for older children with proof positive Santa Evidence Kits because "Seeing is Believing." Can you imagine what kind of memories you would instill to have a Phone Call from Santa Claus or even to have received a regal commerative "Good List Certificate" from Santa himself!

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Precious First Christmas Letter for baby from Santa Claus


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Cherished Santa letters for Baby's First Christmas

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Santa Letters fro baby's First Christmas


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