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80% of the toys sold here in the USA are made from China manufacturers. It has been a scramble since the recall for toys made in China to find safe kids toys that meet toy safety regulations or toys made in the USA. Safe baby toys and childsafe toys are hard to come by. We have to the best of our ability researched the following companies and they claim they do not resell toys from China.

Dear Parents:

For the past several months, a lot has been said in the media about unsafe toys being made in foreign countries. It is unfortunate that some of our manufacturers have let down their guard and allowed poorly made toys to slip past their scrutiny.

This is a problem caused by outsourcing manufacturing to non-USA countries who are not as safety conscious as we would like them to be. We at Official Santa Mail feel the need to find safe sources from whom to buy toys.

With that in mind, we are featuring manufacturers and distributors who actually do inspect the toys they sell to make sure they are kid safe toys. We are providing links to the web sites of those manufacturers and distributors so that you, as the caring parents we know you are, can shop knowing that these people care as much for your child’s toy safety as they do their bottom line.

Unfortunately, we also must add a disclaimer, that as far as we have been able to determine, the manufacturers linked from this site are safety conscious companies, but we do not guarantee that all of them are.

You, as a parent, must determine for yourself, who is safe and who isn’t, and we, at Official Santa Mail cannot and will not attest to the truth of their advertising. We can only steer and point, but ultimately the decision of safe toy buying is yours.

We must Demand Safe Toys for Our Children!

We are doing on going research to find reputable companies. We will continue to add to this listing as more companies become available.


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