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Scary Information we Recieve from Children
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As we prepare for the upcoming holiday with all the joyfulness and wonder that we all work so hard to create, we strive to be as vigilant a parent as possible by making sure our children’s toys are safe, the lights on the tree don’t catch on fire and keeping the toddlers out of the poinsettias!

Unfortunately, there is one aspect of Christmas safety that many parents could probably use a little extra help with –
Safe web surfing during the Christmas Holiday season.

            In all the joy of the season, kids (and some adults) let their guard down about what information they give out over the internet – especially when it comes to Letters to Santa Claus!

We here at Official Santa Mail Chuckles & Buckley ~ Endorse Safety on teh Internet!
(the Official home of NORAD’s email from Santa)
have received some emails from kids that really disturb us.  We see kids who will email Santa, giving us their street address, phone number, pictures of themselves and telling us the doors will be unlocked! 

While they may use good internet safety the rest of the time, they may get caught up in the joy of the season and forget about the dangers of cyber world.

Here are some simple ways that you can help your children understand what information is ok to send and what is not:

  • Santa knows your Address ~ Tell kids that you have already given us your address (and anywhere you might be on Christmas or Christmas Eve.)  Kids get very nervous if they think Santa doesn’t know where they are going to be.

  • Santa knows your Clothing Size ~ Let them know you have given them any clothing size necessary.

  • Send Photos with No Personal Info ~ A number of families like to send pictures of their families or their kids – this is ok as long as there is no other related personal information.

  • Keep Windows & Doors Locked Christmas Eve ~ We always try to tell kids not to leave door and windows unlocked because Santa’s magic is all that needed to leave the presents.  Some parents like to purchase a magic key or they can even make one from an old fancy key and some pretty ribbon.

When kids go to the NORAD site and go to the link to Email Santa Claus, there is a note telling kids not to give any personal information and we also include information on Official Santa Mail about safe internet usage. 

We are a kid safe site and we have been approved by the following:

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We hope this information has been informative to you. We know in our hearts that children have only the best intentions when they give out this information. Unfortunately, there are too many cyber creeeeeeps out there and we felt it really necessary and important to help educate parents as to what children are emailing to Santa Claus.

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Contact Us


Have a Safe and Merry Christmas!

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