Random Acts of Kindness Suggested Lesson Paln






  Teaching Random Acts of Kindness to Children

Random Acts of Kindness

Suggested Lesson Plan

Please Note: This is NOT a faith based affiliation or Christmas Holiday campaign.  Any student of any faith, of any country is welcome to learn about Random Acts of Kindness.

Teachers: This is ONLY a suggested Lesson Plan to get you started on the right track. We encourage you to please be creative and have fun with your class in this project!

Grade Level: Primary Grades

Vocabulary: kindness, random, acts, caution around strangers, heartfelt joy,
giving without praise, genuineness, helping others, love in your heart, sharing


DISCUSS: What it means to be kind to someone. Some children may think that using manners is kindness, but the act of doing a random, unexpected kindness without expecting anything in return is different.

DISCUSS: W hat are some examples of kindness? Teach children that a kindness does not have to be purchased from a store. It does not take money, it can be something very simple that they can do, smile or say to someone or something like an animal or the earth.

Example: Helping the family to prepare dinner, set the table, help clean without being asked. They are showing a random act of kindness to their parents.

Example: Walking over to someone new or who looks lonely or sad and talking to them KINDLY. Helping another person to smile will bring joy to their hearts.

Example: Sharing with others what they have, that others do not. Giving something from the heart, without expecting ANYTHING in return.

DISCUSS: When are you ususally kind to someone?

Explaing the meanings of the vocabualry phrases and use them throughout the lesson to reinforce their meaning.

Grades K-2: A writing assignment may be too advanced at this stage, perhaps a nice drawing of what kindness means to them. The student performing a kind act to someone, an animal or even a plant. Example: Watering a flower if it looks thirsty and then show the plant smiling and happy that it got watered.

ASSIGNMENT: Writing the paragraph: instruct the students to write a paragraph or two about a Random Act of Kindness. Here are a few writing prompts.

  • Think about something you could do for someone as a
    Random Act of Kindness and write about it.
  • Write about a time when you did a Random Act of Kindness
  • Write about a time when someone did a
    Random Act of Kindness for you.
  • Take it up a few notches to a letter format - a persuasive writing assignment in changing the world by doing Random Acts of Kindness!!

    ASSESSMENT/GRADING:Teaching children Kindness is Awesome!

    The Random Acts of Kindness writing can be graded in a variety of ways. Some teachers may prefer to make it a full credit for participation assignment. Other teachers may prefer to check for spelling, punctuation, or to use the writing to practice a particular aspect of paragraph writing that the students are studying.

    Once the writing assignments are completed, the teachers will email in their classes submissions to us to post here on Official Santa Mail. We will coordinate with the teachers to communicate with the students and parents when their classes writing project will be availble on the site. Then the children will be able to see how they are setting the standard as world leaders in sharing their Random Acts of Kindness.

    REWARDS: Each class who submits their Random Act of Kindness project to Official Santa Mail will recieve a beautiful achievement certificate to proudly display at their school.

    Official Santa Mail will choose one class who stands out above all other submissions with a creative project (Doing Random Acts of Kindess School Project - adoption of nursing home, animal help programs, kindness to the earth, etc . . .)

    This class will receive an
    International Leadership in Kindness Award!!!

    The class or school will be featured on the front page of the website to prominent display tomorrow's leaders and how they are making a difference today with Random Acts of Kindness.

    We hope this suggested lesson plan has helped you begin your creative ideas and we are very excited about hearing from classrooms from all over the world!

    Please write to us if you have suggestions on how we can make this project even more successful and how we can spread the word to more teachers.

    If you have a resource in your teacher directories - you have complete permission to list this lesson plan project for all teachers to give to their classes. Your word of mouth participation is what will make this a successful global event!

    Thank you,

    Santa Claus


    Teachers are Wonderful!

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    November ~ 12th - 18th ~ 2008
      World Kindness Week

    November 13th, 2008
      World Kindness Day!  

    February ~ 11th-17th ~ 2009
      Random Acts of Kindness Week

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