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Official Santa Mail's Global Random Acts of Kindness Global Campaign for Educators Campaign for Random Acts of Kindness

Have your organization, classroom or school join us in a Random Acts of Kindness Global Event!

This is an Oprah Inspired Event of her Angel Network!

Official Santa Mail would like to thank Parents and Teachers for their continued support in our Act of Kindness Campaign and we sincerely appreciate your patronage of our Santa Products. This truly helps us to continue our volunteer work with NORAD in answering hundreds of thousands of
FREE Letters from Santa Claus
emails from children all over the world!

Official Santa Mail is sponsoring a global launch event to encourage educators
everywhere to teach children about Random Acts of Kindness.

Please Note: This is NOT a faith based affiliation or Christmas Holiday campaign.  Any student of any faith, of any country is welcome to learn about Random Acts of Kindness.

World Kindness Week is in November and we feel teaching children kindness should be a year round event - not just because they want to be on Santa's "Nice" List. In February, there is a World Random Acts of Kindness Week and we want to sponsor a program that teaches children from all over the world the joy of kindness. Our site is a global vehicle to help deleiver this message!

We here at Official Santa Mail answer hundreds of thousands of  Letters to Santa Claus every year for NORAD Tracks Santa program - and we strive to teach the chilOfficial Email handler for NORAD Tracks Santa Programdren in the letters they receieve back from Santa to always stay on the "Nice" list by being respectful and kind to their parents, siblings, friends AND teachers. We always emphasize the respect to teachers because they are always so under appreciated for everything that they do. Our teachers today have the toughest job on the Planet and we offer our Elf Hats Off to You!

Thank You Teachers!

Your efforts will Receive International Attention and show the World how your classroom is leading by example by being featured here on Official Santa Mail where hundreds of thousands of parents, children, teachers and educators will be viewing your Random Acts of Kindness submission!


Teachers Rock!Suggested Lesson Plan for Teachers

  • What is a Random Act of Kindness?
  • How is a Random Act of Kindness Performed?
  • Where can I perform a Random Act of Kindness?
  • Why would I perform a Random Act of Kindness?
  • Safety while performing a Random Act of Kindness!

    ***Stressing caution when children are around strangers! *** Please Caution Children Against Strangers!
  • We hope to begin a program that encourages children to be kind and to write about their experiences.

    We understand how tight a time schedule teachers have in making their lesson plans, so we tried to create a teacher lesson plan for you to teach about Random Acts of Kindness. Students are being encouraged more and more to write, so we thought a simple program to help them write about their experiences would be a fun class project. You are free to create your own plan and be creative, this is only a suggestion to get you started.

    We will coordinate with each classroom their accomplishments and experiences and feature a picture of the class with their written experiences of what they did. Specifically, what type of Kindness did they give to someoene and to identify a Kindess that was given to them. This will help teach children to appreciate the simplist of kindnesses that don't even have to cost money!
    Some of the best Acts of Kindness are Free!

    Just Like this Program!

    By teaching children to respect each other, the Kinder our Planet will become. It ALL begins with our children! The next generation who need to learn about how to be kind as a person and feel joy in their hearts for being so giving without expecting anything in return.

    Teaching random Acts of Kindness for Children

     We will coordinate with you on when your classes submission will be featured and you can extend an invitation to your school to view the incredible gift you have taught your students!
    How to Be Kind!!

    Your efforts in this program could get you noticed for Teacher of the Year Award in your School District!

    We will award every classroom submission wiith a Certificate of Achievement to proudly display in their Classroom for their school!

    The Best Class or School Project will receive an
    International Leadership Kindness Award
    from Official Santa Mail

    Teachers - We are hoping you will share with your fellow teachers this free resource to get even more schools involved. Please if you have a teachers directory resource - please submit this campaign to it so we can spread the word and create kindness today for the better of tomorrow! Call your freinds, tell teachers overseas, please spread the news - this is a Global campaign!

    Remember to take photographs of your class so we
      can allow the world to see who the next World Leaders are! 

    November ~ 12th - 18th ~ 2010
      World Kindness Week

      November 13th, 2010
      World Kindness Day! 

    February ~ 11th-17th ~ 2010
      Random Acts of Kindness Week

    Email us at to get
    more information, legal disclosures and submit your group today!

      Participants will be featured throughout the Holiday Season
      to share with The World your leadership, your inspiration and
    your incredible Joy that you have shared from your hearts!  

    We thank you! Come join us in this Global Celebration! 

    It's Free! It's Fun!

    Teachers Please Share in Your Directories About Us!
      What a Great Way to Give this Holiday Season ~
    Teaching Children how to be Kind!

       Child Safe Site International ICCS Certified

    Letters from Santa >

    Random Acts of Kindness

    Teacher Lesson Plan

    November ~ 12th - 18th ~ 2008
      World Kindness Week

    November 13th, 2008
      World Kindness Day!  

    February ~ 11th-17th ~ 2009
      Random Acts of Kindness Week

    Teachers Rock!

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