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"Make YOUR children's eyes pop out of their
heads this Christmas!"

 "I received the kit this morning, thank you so much - it's brilliant!!! I thought the letters were the best I had seen but this (Santa Evidence Kit) is absolutely the best!!    Thank you so much.

I have to say of all the money I spent on toys & presents this year, definitely the money spent on the letters & santa proof kit was the best spent!   I think I'm worse than the children..."
- Wendy C. - Dublin, Ireland

Personalized Letters from Santa

Letters from Santa Claus

Do you remember as a child the fun of getting something in the mail? Now imagine if that somethine was a personal letter from Santa stating everything on your wish list and what you have done to deserve them... just imagine the magic!

Santa Evidence Kit

Santa Evidence Kit

Set the stage Christmas morning to provide proof of Santa's magical visit. Everything you need to convince even the most skeptical including Santa's sleigh license, eye glasses, glove, thank you card (for the cookies) and more!
Personal Santa Phone Calls

Personal Phone Calls from Santa

Your child will never feel closer to Santa   than when Santa talks to them by name!   Simply tell Santa who to call, the number and when and Santa will tell them about how they are  preparing for the big day!
Santa Good List Certificate

Good List Certificate

Don't let your child's efforts to make Santa's coveted good list go unnoticed. Insure that Santa is always watching with this beautifully designed and printed Official Good List Certificate. Includes Santa's embossed foil seal.
Santa Snow Boot Tracks Kit

Santa's Boot Print Kit

What better proof of Santa's visit than his boot prints throughout your home. Using these boot print stencils and the included shaker of magic snow you can safely leave Santa tracks for your child to find Christmas morning.

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