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Baby's First Christmas

Baby's Letter from Santa Claus ~ Baby's First Christmas

Now is the time to order up a whole new believer in Santa by buying Baby’s First Letter from Santa and having it sent before baby’s first Christmas. There will only be one First Christmas and Baby’s First Letter From Santa will help support the whole scene exactly as you would have had it when you were a small child.

We are
accepting orders for
the 2008 Season!

Holiday Pet Costumes

Santa Pet Costumes for the Holidays

Delight every pet this season with our wonderful Mr. & Mrs. Claus Costumes. Fancy your feline in an Elf costume, Dud up Your Dog in our Snowman! Pet Costumes are a must to complete a very festive Holiday!

Santa's Magical Key

Santa's Magical House Key ~ No chimney, No Problem!

Don't have a chimney? Not to worry! No need to leave open your doors or windows for Santa on Christmas Eve ~ Leave him a Magical House Key to enter your home. Just hang it on the outside door knob and then when your child goes to sleep, move it to the tree to prove that Santa was there!

**Teach Your children NOT to leave windows and doors open for Santa!

Sant aLetter to Your Pet

Santa Letter to Your Pet from Santa Paws

Pet lovers from all over the world are the only ones who could possibly understand why we buy stockings and put treats from Santa in them. Why not a Letter from Santa for your Pet as well! All you have to do is look at those dewy eyes, looking up at you in total adoration, and the answer is obvious.Who deserves a letter more?

Santa's Sleigh Bells

Santa's Magic Sleigh Bell

Every child's dream is to have the first gift of Christmas. Santa gives one child the very first Christmas Present of the year ~ let your child be the very special recipient this year!

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