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Letter from Santa

Belief of Christmas through our Childrens Eyes!

This year enhance their Magical Christmas experience with these amazing features!

Children everywhere scream with delight when they open a personalized letter from Santa, or see real positive proof evidence that Santa and the reindeer where there. When they see Santa's Snowy Boot Tracks or find a Nice List Certificate hanging in the tree and of course, when they receive a Phone Call from Santa! Your child's Christmas will always be treasured and cherished because you took the time to make it so!
We keep these page hidden from the children ~ So Please Help Tell Another Parent about these amazing features to keep the Magic of Christmas Alive!
A Child's Magical Belief in Santa Claus only Happens once in a Lifetime ~
make this the Christmas they'll always remember!


Personalized Letters from Santa

Letter from Santa

Free Santa Phone Call with Letter from Santa Purchase!

~ Personalized Santa Claus Letter

Imagine how will a cherished personalized Letter from Santa Claus effect your child's treasured memories of Christmas!

It is tangible proof, right there in your child’s hands, that says Santa is real and has actually written to them. What it really says though is that you are an incredible parent who wants your child to be able to keep the magic of Christmas alive and well. Letters from Santa are availbale in eight languages. We offer a wonderful descript Spanish Letter from Santa from Papa Noel. Our French Letter from Santa is a wonderful treat from Lettre française du Père Noël. Children cannotresist our Dutch Letters from Santa written by De Nederlandse Brieven van de Kerstman. Children who speak in German absolutely adore our German Letters from Santa written from Buchstabe von Weihnachtsmann in deutschsprachigem. Italian Letters from Santa are wriiten la lettera dal Babbo Natale, is always a special delight. One of our most requested letters are Greek Letters from Santa written by Ελληνικές επιστολές Άγιου Βασίλη. We are absolutely delighted to be able to offer Japanese Letters from Santa from 日本語に書かれるサンタクロースの手紙

If you’re a grandparent over fifty, then you can remember being sent outside to play early on Saturday morning and not coming back in until after dark. How did we do it? We used imagination and turned sticks into guns and branches into horses. We galloped across sandlots whooping and hollering and having the best time. Our imagination and our belief made these stories we played out, real to all of us. Now is your chance to “make it real” for your child or grandchild with a unique, one-of-a-kind, letter from Santa tailored specifically to your child.

Of course, your Christmas for your New Born wouldn't be complete without Baby's First Christmas Santa Letter! Complete with a personalized letter and keepsake 2007 ornamant!

We didn't forget our furry or featherd freinds either! Every Pet deserves a Pet Letter from Santa Paws too!

Order a personal Letter from Santa today and sleep better knowing that at least for now, one more precious moment of childhood your has permission to go on existing.

Spanish ~ French ~ Japanese ~ German ~
Italian ~ Greek ~ Dutch ~ Baby's 1st - Pet Letters from Santa

Santa Evidence Kit

Santa Evidence Kit

~ Proof Evidence that Santa is Real!

Santa Evidence Kits and Santa's Snowy Boot Prints Kits will help Hold on to the Magic for another year!

Your little ones are all up early and trying to tip-toe down the stairs to see what Santa has left for them. They peek first to make sure the coast is clear and then their eyes widen when the spot big footprints on the floor. They creep down farther till they reach the bottom of the stairs and what do they see? There on the table where they left a glass of milk and cookies, right beside the plate, is a pair of glasses and a red mitten. Obviously, Santa forgot them in his haste. Then, right by the fireplace they spot a piece of paper and discover Santa’s sleigh license. Over by the tree is a decorated ribbon. With all this stuff laying around, Santa really must have been here!!

In a way he was because you had the foresight to buy the Santa evidence kit. The Santa evidence kit contains all the items described above. Imagine the fun you will have putting all this evidence of Santa around your living room on Christmas Eve. Imagine being huddled under your covers, listening to the oohs and aahs as your children make each discovery. Don’t be surprised if they burst through your bedroom door to show you, proof positive, that Santa really does exist. Using a Santa evidence kit is like putting the frosting on top of the magical cake that is Christmas. Don’t hesitate till they’re all gone, get you Santa evidence kit today!

Letter from Santa

Personal Santa Phone Calls

Personal Phone Call with Santa Claus

~ Santa will know their Name!

Get Your Phone Call Free! Order a Letter from Santa Today and Receive a Free Phone Call from Santa!

Become a super hero to your child!

Watch as your child says “hello?” and then see the wonder in their eyes when they find out that Santa has actually phoned them. A Santa Phone Call will mention friends, siblings, pets, hobbies, and even their Christmas wish list. There are only so many slots available for a live Santa phone call so book you call early so you won’t miss out. We have UK Santa Phone Calls for the United Kingdom too! One of our newest features is a Text Message from Santa Claus!

For you procrastinators our there, if you miss booking your LIVE Santa Phone Call, then fear not, we have a beautifully scripted pre-recorded call available as well. No matter weather your child gets to experience the live Santa phone call or the pre-recorded Santa phone call, their joy at hearing from Santa will be enormous and later, when they are older, and they realize what you did to make their Christmas special, you may wind up getting one of those ‘just because’ pecks on the cheek and a hug to boot.

Letter from Santa ~ Santa Evidence Kit ~ Text Message from Santa

Santa Good List Certificate

Santa's Good List Certificate

~ Personalized Nice list Certificate from Santa Claus
and Rudolf Reindeer

Has your child been good to be on " Santa's Nice List"? They deserve to be rewarded with a special
Nice List Certificate from Santa!

Reward them for thier efforts, show them that goals they set for themselves are obtainable. What a fantastic achievement award to put up on the refrigerator and what a fantastic tool to show them when they are acting up. They will most definately want to stay on the Good List and will continue being the sweet precious angels they always were in your eyes.

Letter from Santa ~ Santa Evidence Kits ~ Santa Phone Calls ~ Santa Text Message

Santa Snow Boot Tracks Kit

Santa's Snowy Boot Tracks

~ Santa's Foot Prints in the Snow!

Christmas Morning Fun with Santa's Snowy Boot Prints!

Out on the lawn, through the front door, up towards the tree, into the kitchen, over to the milk and cookies! Prove where Santa stepped in and around your home on Christmas Eve with a safe, non-staining Magical Santa Snow that doesn't melt in the shape of Santa's foot prints! Absolutely Fun for All Ages!

Get creative and glue it down to make it look like footprints went vertical or up the chimney - get creative and have fun again this year with Christmas!

Letter from Santa ~ Santa Evidence Kit ~ Santa Phone Calls ~ Snowy Good List Certificate ~ Cusotm Photo Gifts

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