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Free Emailed Letter from Santa on Christmas Eve

Free Letter from Santa Claus

Free Letters from Santa

Free Santa letter, Free Santa Letter, Free Santa letter flashes on and off on your computer screen and you think, why, that’s just the thing to help my child erase some of the Christmas cynicism that is becoming more and more prevalent every day. Your heart is in exactly the right place if you are looking for a free Santa letter. It means that you love for your child enough to want to make their Christmas special.

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Do you remember the excitement you felt when you mailed your wish list to Santa, and then the long wait while Christmas plodded toward you? Wouldn’t it have been great to have Santa acknowledge your letter to him and not only that, but mention your name and ask after your pets. Maybe even mention your siblings or your friends?

How exciting it would have been to see that North Pole envelope among all the other letters addressed to you in Santa’s handwriting.

Unfortunately, a free Santa letter can’t do that because they are set up for a mass e-mailing. Free Santa letters probably won’t have any personalization or any of the other things that could make them unique. Certainly, a free Santa letter is better than no Santa letter, but why take the chance that any of your child’s friends may receive a free Santa letter too.

A personalized letter from Santa Claus full of familiar references will go a long way toward helping your child maintain their belief in Santa and the magic of Christmas.

Help them feel that it is ok to believe as long as they want to and
cement that belief with a personalized letter from Santa.

Give the gift of Magic this year with a forever
Cherished & Treasured Letter from Santa!

Free Emailed Letter from Santa

Enhance your Christmas further this year with even more amazing
"Belief in Santa" Magic!

Can you Imagine their delight when they hear their name being spoken by Santa Claus? The Personal Santa Phone Call is just one way to show a child the Magic of Christmas.

Don't have a chimney and they want to leave the front door open Christmas Eve? Use a Magic Santa House Key - a special ornament to hang on the front door for Only Santa!

Can you imagine their face when they recive a Good List Certificate or on Christmas morning they wake up to find Santa's Snowy Boot Tracks all over the place. You hear them squeal with absolute delight when they find out that Santa was really there with your carefully laid out Santa Evidence Kit plan.

But of course, who could finally resist the most coveted
of all tresures for a child,
but that of the most cherished
Personal Letter from Santa Claus himself.

Customizable letter from Santa Claus to Your Child


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Chuckles & Buckley, Santa's Hospitality Elves sincerely
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