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     Chuckles and Buckley had other ideas to help Santa. Chuckles was anxious to get the sleigh off the ground while Buckley urged maximum caution. After all, Santa mentioned that a gremlin could be nearby and that was never a good thing. Buckley voiced that he was concerned for Santa's safety. Chuckles wondered aloud if maybe Buckley was up for a little adventure. With a mischievous sparkle in his eye that matched his smile, Buckley assured Chuckles that he was indeed up for a little excitement as long as they agreed it was for the "safety of Santa." Chuckles suggested that they take the sleigh out after everyone was asleep and Buckley agreed. This was not the first time the two old elves had talked themselves into an adventure and probably wouldn’t be the last.

   Santa's New Sleigh Test Flight Under normal circumstances the elves would have hooked up the reindeer themselves and taken off without  any further discussion, but with the new sleigh, it was a different story. There was  so much new technology built into it, they were uncomfortable going out by  themselves. This is when they decided to include Tyler in their adventure.

    Tyler was actually dreaming of sugarplums dancing in his head when he felt something disturbing him. His dream shifted to being in an earthquake on a bed of marshmallows. The shaking got more persistent and very soon he was awake staring into the two faces of his dearest friends, Chuckles and Buckley.

    “What's wrong guys?” Tyler asked with concern in his voice. Chuckles answered in a whisper.

    “We need your help.”

    “Why are we whispering?” asked Tyler.

    “Because nobody is supposed to know about this,” whispered Buckley.

    “Know about what?” asked Tyler.

    “About our plans to take the new sleigh for a test flight to make sure it is safe for Santa.” answered Chuckles.

    Tyler began to understand the gravity of what they were saying and stated, “So what do you want me to do? Tell Santa when you guys crash the new sleigh?”

   Chuckles explained, “We were hoping that you would go with us. You know more about the new equipment then we do and can spot trouble as it occurs and fix it in flight.”

    “Count me in!” exclaimed Tyler. “This is exciting. Are you guys expecting trouble?”

    “No, not really, but we want to be prepared. Anything is possible," cautioned Buckley.

    Tyler slipped into his clothes grabbing his warmest coat and putting on his thermal pants. Their clothes were warmed by elfin magic so the elves were always toasty when they were out in the arctic night. All three elves tip-toed to the work shop. The new sleigh sat there in all of it’s red, green, and gold beauty. The aroma of the spruce wafted around them. Right next door were the reindeer stables. They had to go get all nine reindeer and harness them to the sleigh. The team pulled forward and the sleigh started to move.

      It was at that very moment that Golly Gremlin moved out from behind a box under theGremlins can be Scary! work bench and scurried forward. He didn’t climb up into the sleigh, but stood on one of the runners and then clambered up into the runner supports underneath the sleigh. He was as comfortable and snug as a gremlin would ever be as he waited for the sleigh to leave the ground and gain altitude.

     Once the sleigh was clear of all buildings, Chuckles gave the order for the reindeer to take to the air. It took ten minutes for the team to reach cruising altitude, and all the time they were climbing, Golly was figuring out what he would mess up first. There were so many new gadgets that he hardly new where to begin. It was his intent to create a diversion for the elves so that they would not
notice as pieces of the sleigh departed. Golly decided to corrupt the replicator first!


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