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     Golly looked at the replicator with gremlin eyes and found its weak point almost right away.Toy Replicator Gears If he jinxed two parts of it, it would start spitting out a mishmash of all kinds of things that were kind of…well, smelly and unpleasant. He could make the replicator hurl stink bombs. He flicked his ear and a bolt of energy shot into the replicator. The lights came on, the replicator churned and a ball of foul smelling glop shot out from between the replicator electrodes. It landed with a plop right between Chuckles and Buckley in the front seat. Buckley was getting ready to scold the reindeer when another ball of glop landed right in the middle of Chuckles back and then slid onto the seat.

       WGreen Stinky Glops Flying through the Air!  PeeUuu!hile they watched, the electrodes glowed again and another ball of glop flew out from in between them. This time the ball went up and out from the sleigh disappearing from sight into the night. Buckley could see Tyler gasping in disgust, just as another ball was launched from between the electrodes. Tyler saw that the switch was already in the off position, but flipped it anyway just in case. He told the older elves that the machine was off and that it shouldn’t even be running. Tyler tried several things, none of which worked.

      By now, the machine was churning out a smelly stinky glop every two seconds and flinging them in all different directions. The elves were so busy trying to figure out what to do that they didn’t even think about where the stinky glops might be landing.

     The elves were so busy playing dodge ball that they didn’t even notice when the first runner fell away, but since the L & L locator was geared to mark the location of everything that left the sleigh, it automatically pinged the runner as it dropped off, as well as every single stinky glop.

    When the second runner fell away, Tyler just happened to be looking over the side to see if he could see what might be going on when the stinky glops hit the ground. At first, he didn’t recognize where the runner Hot Cocoa Dispenser Flys Off the Sleighwas and then suddenly he did.

    “Fellas, our trouble just got worse!” Tyler yelled. He told them about the runners. As Tyler was telling them this, he watched the cocoa dispenser casually detach from the front wall of the sleigh and it appeared to jump overboard by itself! The locator pinged it. Several other objects jumped out of sight and each were pinged as well! Tyler announced each piece as they appeared to jump overboard. Chuckles and Buckley looked at each other in dismay, knowing that the gremlin had to been of on board, and creating all this mischief. What made it worse was that they couldn’t see or hear the gremlin. For the first time in their lives, they felt helpless and unsure of what to do next!

    The elves decided, after a quick conference, that the best thing they could do was to turn  around and head back to the North Pole while they still had part of a sleigh left. Now, the replicator was hurling stinky glops at the rate of one per second and it was everything they could do to avoid them. Suddenly the L&L locator started to wiggle back and forth. Tyler noticed this and made a great leap for it just as it became detached and headed for the side of the sleigh. He was able to throw his arms around it, but not before he was over the side as well. Being an elf, he fell, but not as fast. Once he had the locator in his arms he was able to slow his descent to the point that he was wafting down through the air like he was on a cushioned cloud.

     As Tyler was floating down to ground, he had a feeling he might be wherever he was, for a couple of days until they figured out how to find him. He knew that the locator was self powered, but the battery wouldn’t last forever. He turned off the locator to save the battery and told himself to remember to turn it back on in the morning. He found a safe place on some soft moss, curled up around the warm locator and fell asleep.

    Chuckles and Buckley were now officially in a panic! Tyler was gone, the locator was gone and the sleigh was falling apart fast! What in the world were they going to do??

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