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Santa's New Sleigh ~ A Chuckles & Buckley Adventure
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    While figuring out what to do about the gremlin, Santa was working at a bench in the workshop where the logs from the spruce trees were being trimmed of their bark and then cut into slabs of fragrant wood. The air was so fragrant it smelled like Christmas Eve. The trees were thick with sap so cutting up the logs was a sticky business. Once the slabs were cut out, they were slid into an old lumber drying oven called an oast and left to bake for several days. This process would dry the wood, making the wood easier to shape.

     The building crew busied themselves studying the plans that Tulley and Tyler had come up with. All of the new gear had to be specially fitted and tested. Most of the gear could be tried out on the ground, but the biggest part, the actual flying of the sleigh, had to be tested with reindeer in the air. Santa had his concerns about the gremlin interfering with the flight test, but didn’t say anything to the others. Chuckles and Buckley could sense this, but Santa felt there was no need to worry them just yet. They had to have a sleigh built first.
Spruce Tree Wood Planks for Santa's new Sleigh
    Chuckles and Buckley tugged together on the door to the oast. Inside were all the slabs of spruce, perfectly dried and ready to work.
There was a new respectfulness for the wood, and it was felt all throughout the shop. The wood was of such superior quality that the elves and Santa just had to give it their full attention. Golly Gremlin, now up in the rafters of the workshop, took note of how his wood was being treated. His estimation of the elves went up certainly, but it was his nature not to forget the tremendous disrespect with which his trees had been gathered in the first place.

    The runners were bound on the bottom with titanium, a very light yet very strong metal. The North Pole's finest wood carvers poured all their talent and skill into this project for Santa's new sleigh. The result was a sleigh that was truly a work of art, with detail that is found only in the finest of woodworking.

     The shell of the sleigh was complete and the way it was built made it easy to trade out parts. Not only did it make it easier for the elves to fix it if needed, but unfortunately it was also the sleigh’s weakness. It could come apart easily. Of course none of the elves wanted the sleigh to come apart, but this concern was not true of everyone in the shop. Golly Gremlin understood how the sleigh was built and noticed how easy it would be for him to pull the sleigh apart.

Quantum Replicator and New techno gadgets were Installed
     Next, all of the new gadgets were added. The replicator was installed. The L&L (longitude and  latitude) tracking device was put in place. Wireless channels were run throughout the sleigh and  every connection was tested. Thickly upholstered seats were installed front and rear while the place where Santa sat got extra support. They tried out the replicator and it worked perfectly. Now they were getting to the part that Santa was most worried about; the actual test flight of the sleigh and the new guidance system. Santa decided to wait for clear weather conditions on the next day to do the test. The only problem was that they were just entering one of those long arctic nights that never seem to end.


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