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     Tyler was gone, the locator was gone and the stinky glops had stopped simply because the replicator unit was no longer in the sleigh. The back section of the sleigh had come apart in three pieces and when the third piece went, the replicator, still firing stinky glops, spiraled off into the night. They were both terrified at the same time thinking about where the replicator had landed. What they didn’t know was that the replicator had a homing device built in it. When it became disconnected from the sleigh, instead of falling straight down, it disappeared into a magical time space warp and reappeared in the work shop at the North Pole, still firing  stinky glops. Fortunately no elves were on the spot where it reappeared, but elves were ducking and dodging right and left.

 NORAD Tracks Santa   During this time of course, NORAD was always watching the skies around the globe and saw that  something was wrong. Major Reddish contacted Santa immediately on the Emergency  Pole Line. Major Reddish informed Santa that an unauthorized flight of the sleigh was  causing havoc all over the planet and needed to know if everyone was alright and what  was going on up there. Santa said he would get to the bottom of this and get back with  NORAD as quick as he could.

    Santa called for Chuckles and Buckley, Tyler and Tulley over the pole intercom exchange to meet him in the workshop, but was surprised to only see Tulley show up. When Santa opened the shop door he saw a stinky glop headed right for him and quickly shut the door again. The glop splattered against the door and slid to the floor with a plop. Santa wrinkled up his nose in surprise from the horrible smell coming from his workshop. Tulley elf turned a little green, but he knew he had to go in there even though he didn’t want to because he was the only one who knew where the disable button was located.

     Santa counted to three, flung the door wide and they both ran into the room. Santa dashed to the big shop Stinky Glops Fly All Over the Toy Work Shopdoor and rolled it back, letting the stink out and the fresh air in. Tulley elf flew to the machine and around to the back side. A panel slid open and Tulley reached inside, grabbed the master switch, and pulled it. The machine instantly shut down and the ca-chunk, ca-chunk of flying stinky glops stopped.  Santa stood with his hands on his hips, noticing for the first time that the new sleigh was missing. Tulley was going over the replicator, making sure that it was undamaged.

    “Can anybody tell me what happened to the new sleigh?” bellowed Santa, "and where are Chuckles and Buckley?"
    “We have been all over the whole pole, sir, but can’t find them anywhere." Santa sighed and shook his head. Even though he didn’t know where they were, he knew precisely what they were doing. It explained why the sleigh was missing. Santa wasn’t angry because Santa never got angry. He was more concerned than anything else for their safety. Where could those two be? He didn’t have long to wait.

    Outside and in the distance was the sound of jingling bells and everyone hurried from the shop to see what was happening. They were all greeted by the sight of the team of nine reindeer with Chuckles and Buckley riding on their backs. NORAD had made sure that the rogue team was escorted back home to safety with Air Force reinforcements. The motley group were hardly recognizable because the reindeer and the elves were covered from head to toe, antler to hoof with the smelly residue of the stinky glops.

  Stinky Reindeer!    The reindeer touched down and you could see that they were unhappy. This was further demonstrated when both lead reindeer bucked at the same time and Chuckles and Buckley went flying through the air and landed head first in a big snow drift. Chuckles and Buckley were both kicking their legs trying to free themselves when the cleanup crew pulled them out. They rolled over and looked up only to see Santa standing over them with his hands on his hips a very big grin on his face. His shoulder started shaking and his face got redder. His eyes squinted shut and he threw his head back and started bellowing with laughter. All the other elves joined in. Santa didn’t yell at them. The laughter was unexpected and had a stronger effect than if Santa had scolded them. They both reeked with stinky glops!

    “Go get cleaned up, you two, and report back here when your done.” Santa ordered. “I have a feeling that this story is going to be good.” Santa had two worker elves each accompany Chuckles and Buckley to their quarters to get clean and to take the clothes the two were wearing and burn them. Santa ordered hot cocoa and oatmeal raisin cookies delivered to the shop. These were waiting there when they returned. By now the shop had been returned to its pristine state with a little elfin magic. When Chuckles and Buckley entered the shop they were greeted by Santa, Mother Nature, and Holly Winter.

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