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     “Uh, General Renuart, Sir ” Santa said, “I may have an answer for you about your problem.” General Renuart was relieved to see Santa and was anxious to hear what had happened and what kind of answer Santa had for the smelly gloppy substance.

General Renuart  NORAD Commander

      “You know something about this, Santa?” The General’s questioning eyes sought  out the jolly old elf. Santa nodded, looking a little sheepish. He explained about the  unauthorized sleigh flight with the gremlin and Chuckles and Buckley’s involvement in  it.

     “Aren’t those the same two who breached the DEW line years ago?” General  Renuart asked. “Yes, General, the very same two. This time they were test  flying the new sleigh and were only looking out for my safety. ” Santa said. "I  apologize for any inconvenience they may have caused."

     The DEW line was the string of radar installations spread out across the north to warn of incoming missiles. Santa further explained about Chuckles and Buckley's previous flight. "They “borrowed” the sleigh to go get Mrs. Claus some items to restock her pantry, from Vancouver, British Columbia, and forgot to warn NORAD that they were going to fly through the line." 

       “At least we know we aren’t dealing with anything alien here, but that substance, once you get beyond the smell is really remarkable.” breathed a sigh of relief from the General.

     “How is that?” Santa asked.

     “Wherever it is found, the earth all around it takes on new life. Several piles of that glop landed in an area where nothing grew anymore. There are green patches everywhere now and theGreen Fertile Growth Everywhere Stinky Glops Fell green is spreading. At the center of every green patch is a pile of that stuff. It may smell awful, but it appears to have some amazing benefits. Is there a chance of getting more of it? It might go a long way toward ending the reason for so many world disputes and
world hunger!” smiled General Renuart.

     “I’ll see what I can do,” Santa promised.

 “So, what brings you here?” the General asked, "You could have told me all this on the N.P.C.C. - North Pole Cane Communicator."

     “It seems we’ve lost one of our own. He is a fairly young elf, but very intelligent. He works with Tulley, the techno Elf, my I.T. guy, to produce some amazing inventions. One of his inventions, the L&L locator was tossed overboard by the gremlin who caused the problem that we have now. Tyler dove after it and apparently caught it before it picked up too much speed. Of course, elves don’t fall at the same rate most things do, so we have hope that he was able to save himself and the locator. The big problem is that we need the locator to find him and he has it. We were hoping that you can plug in the frequency and find the locator. If you can, then Tyler will probably be nearby.”

     “Do you have the frequency?” asked the General. “Right here in my pocket,” Santa said. He took out the NPCC candy cane, twisted it, turning the stripes the other way and held it to his mouth. “Santa to Tulley, got your ears on, buddy.” There was a short pause and the candy cane crackled to life.

NPCC - NorthPole Cane Communicator

     “You got me, come on back,” it said. “Hey Techno Genius, what is the frequency of the  locator. I’m here with Screaming Eagle at the big nest and we need the frequency to find the locator, over.” “T.G. to S.C., the frequency is 1225.07 MHZ. It’s the same as the date for Christmas, over."

      “Ok, thanks, buddy, this is Santa saying, We’re gone, bye, bye, over." Santa twisted the NPCC the other way and put it back into his pocket. The General, having heard the frequency already had his radioman set the frequency into the receiver. A little knob turning to find the sound exactly, rewarded them with a continuous beep. On the big screen, a blip started blinking on a map of Peru. Evidently, Tyler had come down in the Andes Mountains. Once they had him located, it was just a matter of tasking a satellite to look down at the spot where the blip was blinking. The lens focused in and soon they could see Tyler sitting with his back against a stone wall, talking with a group of children. Santa recognized the location as Machu Picchu. Santa thanked General Renuart profusely for his assistance and promised to look into getting more of the stinky glop substance.


. . . Continued

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