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Santa's New Sleigh ~ A Chuckles & Buckley Adventure continues . . .

     Being in charge of building the new sleigh was a very important task for Chuckles and Buckley. They decided to visit with Tulley and Tyler to see what new techno devices the boys had worked up to put on the new sleigh.

        Chuckles and Buckley explained what they were doing there and Tyler became increasingly excited, thinking about everything in the shop that could be incorporated into Santa's new sleigh. Tulley began to demonstrate all the new gadgets he and Tyler had invented. There was so much stuff that it would have been impossible to put everything in the sleigh all at one time, so they had to pick the best options.
Santa's New Sleigh Christmas Story
     They talked for quite a while discussing materials to build with and what the new sleigh should look like. Tulley went to the center of his lab and uncovered a big table with a keyboard console wired into it. He hit a switch and the table hummed to life. A few quick taps at the keys and a holographic sleigh image began to take shape in the air above the table. They could turn the sleigh any way they wanted and the design could be tested for air worthiness at the same time. Then Tulley switched on an enlargement program from the keyboard and the sleigh grew even larger, it expanded to such a size that they could actually walk into it and see all of the added components.

     It looked solid all the way around them, but when they tried to touch the sides, their hands went right through. Tulley put on a pair of gloves that had wires leading to a little box attached to his belt. From inside the sleigh, when Tulley reached out to touch part of the sleigh and change something, the gloves, connected into the computer, let him. He could take one component and move it to a new position. He could sketch out additional pieces of the sleigh virtually right in place.

     Tyler translated the techno jargon of what Tulley was doing and how it could be of benefit to Santa. Tyler explained to the elves that Santa’s biggest problem now, was that he had so many toys to carry. Even with some of the new developments, the toys for several million children took up a lot of room in the sleigh. The weight of them all was part of the reason the old sleigh just couldn’t cut it any more.

     Of course, when you give an I.T.(information technology) technical department a challenge, they always seem to rise to the occasion. It was no different this time, and the results were spectacular. They simply built a quantum toy replicator and installed it in the back of the sleigh.  "The quantum universe is the birthplace of all potential. If a person can think of it, then the quantum accepts that as real, and makes it." Tulley explained.

Quantum Toy Replicator Coil

      When the quantum toy replicator was turned on, part of it was in this world while the other part was gathering potential. Which means, when Santa is visiting a child, the toys made here at the North Pole from the elves will automatically show up in the sleigh where he is at without carrying all of them at the same time. The system was so user friendly that Santa’s delivery list of all the children who were on the Nice List, had been pre-programmed into the computer, as well as all of the coordinates of where they lived.

     They would need a live test run of Santa’s L & L locator (latitude & longitude) to find any position on the face of the Earth.

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