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Santa's New Sleigh

A Chuckles & Buckley Adventure ~ Christmas Story
by Official Santa Mail © 2007

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    Santa and his two hospitality elves, Chuckles and Buckley walked around the old sleigh with an appraising eye. They poked here and wiggled there, going over the sleigh in great detail. There were many things wrong with the old sleigh and far more than could be fixed by Christmas. Oh sure, they could do a retro-fit on the old sleigh, but her lines and style were older than Santa himself. While wiggling some of the ornamentation on the front, a piece came off in Santa’s hand.
     “That settles it,” said Santa, “we are going to have to start from scratch and build a new sleigh. I want it to be practical and beautiful. Talk to Tulley our techno elf and see what new devices he has cooked up for the sleigh. He has been hinting that he has some ideas that are, let’s see, how did he put it, ‘Awesome beyond belief ’ I might not understand the new features, but I am confident they will be truly unbelievable.” Santa was recalling his conversation with Tulley and smiling at the same time. The technical conversations with Tulley were easier now that Tyler was there to interpret for him. Tulley thought up amazing stuff and Tyler, a natural builder, figured out how to put Tulley’s ideas into form.

       Santa went on, “I want you two to be in charge of the whole operation. You have my complete confidence. Dazzle me!”

       “But what about our hospitality responsibilities?” Chuckles asked. “We really can’t give those up, can we?”

       “You are hereby relieved of your hospitality duties for the time it takes to build and test the new sleigh. I am putting Otis in charge of your old duties for now. Don’t worry, guys. You both worry to much as it is.”
 He was addressing this last remark more to Buckley than Chuckles.

   Chuckles & Buckley Hospitaltiy Elves    Buckley was tall and fairly thin elf with sparkling blue eyes, garnished with a mischievous smile  under a well trimmed mustache. He wore small gold glasses. His rank among the elves  was designated by three gold holly leaves pinned to the lapel of his coat. His clothes  were always spotless and well ironed. He did not like wearing the usual red and green  combinations that most elves wore and instead preferred combinations of gold and red.  His bells always sparkled and he had them all tuned so that when he walked, he could  play different tunes depending on his mood.

Chuckles Favorite Shoes

      Now Chuckles, on the other hand, was short and bald and given to roundness. Every time Buckley mentioned that Chuckles needed to get into shape, Chuckles was quick to point out that ‘round’ was a shape. He reasoned that if the big guy was round he could be also. He had a full mustache and beard under round rosy cheeks that added to his love of laughter. Chuckles was the type of elf to always find the humor in any given situation, which he felt was one of Santa's best attributes as well.

     Chuckles preferred clothes that looser around his midriff. Like Buckley, he had his own way of thinking and wore a hunter green with silver buttons and silver bells. Even his shoes were green with large silver buckles. He, like Buckley, also wore three holly leaves pinned to his lapel, but instead of being gold, they were, of course, silver. This made Chuckles and Buckley the same rank, and they shared responsibility for getting things done around the North Pole.

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