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Santa's New Sleigh © ~ A Chuckles & Buckley Adventure ~ Concludes

   Upon returning, the recovery team immediately joined the rest of the conference.

    “We are going to start over and do it right this time. Golly taught us a good lesson in that it is always best to make sure you are doing the right thing first before you do it. Don’t assume anything.” Santa began.

     “Food shortages around the world have eased up thanks to the stinky glops, and many people have become happy in sharing the magic of Christmas because of all the missing pieces of the sleigh were scattered and used. The magic and joy they radiate is creating random acts of kindness everywhere,” he continued. There was a murmur of agreement from the listeners and Santa went on.

    “Let’s start fresh. We need more trees and now we know just how superior gremlin trees are for our purpose. Mother Nature, would you please contact the Gremlin King and ask his permission to harvest two more trees? I need a crew to go get the trees. Golly, would you lead the crew that goes? 

     The meeting broke up and everybody scattered, going their separate ways. Mother Nature contacted the Gremlin King and when she explained what was needed, permission was immediately granted. In fact the Gremlin King told her it would be an honor and he would deliever the finest spruces available and bring them to the North Pole himself. Two replacement spruce saplings were planted and after the proper ceremonies of respect were seen to, the trees were immediately delivered.  Chuckles and Buckley contacted the North Pole wood carving elves and they said they would be there as soon as the wood was ready.

     Thanks to time slowing magic, they were able to complete the new sleigh right before Christmas.

     Tulley and Tyler added a newer, more improved version of the replicator and the locator. They tested both and they performed with even greater efficiency than before. Once the sleigh was all assembled, a varnish mixed with the magical reindeer antler dust was applied to the whole outside surface. The sleigh looked like it was glowing and really, it was.

     As the great sleigh was getting its finishing touches, Mrs. Claus prepared Santa for his big night.  She helped him pick out his warmest clothing and made sure he had enough hot cocoa and water to drink.

     As Santa was getting his finishing touches as well, containers of smelly glops were being loaded into the sleigh for the children that helped Tyler in the mountains and for General Renuart at NORAD, as promised. Santa decided that the best gift of all would be a world without hunger.

     This act of giving out more of the smelly glops made Santa question his very own non-interference directive regarding other people’s lives. He had seen all of the amazing benefits this seemingly unfortunate accident had caused all over the world. He decided for the happiness of all mankind on the planet, not just children, this would be his contribution.

        The grand magnificent new sleigh was pushed outside onto the snow and the nine reindeer were brought around. Rudolph and his bright shiny red nose, were needed to help guide the sleigh once again because the heavy fog that filled the north artic air. As Santa walked to the sleigh and swung up into the red leather seat to ready the helm, Chuckles handed him the reins.

      “Have a fantastic trip Santa! I know you’ll be safe because NORAD will be watching out for you and be sure to tell General Renuart we said ‘Hello’, I know he’ll love hearing from us!” Chuckles said with a grin. Santa laughed at the old elf, and just shook his head and smiled.  

      Buckley told Santa that the test flight with Tyler and Tulley went flawlessly and his new sleigh was in perfect working order. He was safe to fly tonight. Santa gave Buckley a hearty pat on the back and thanked them both for all of their help in making this colossal event come through.

     All around Santa and the incredible new sleigh, there were whispers of awe as he spoke to all the assembled helpers, thanking them for their excellent team work in getting this gigantic task done in a record amount of time.

     Santa flipped on the switch to the locator, fired up the replicator and shook the reins. Santa blew a kiss to Mrs. Claus and waved to everyone as shouts and cheers began to fill the air.  The scene was electric and felt as if the Magic of Christmas could make them all fly. The beautiful new sleigh surged forward, became airborne, and thus began the journey that would put smiles on little faces all over the world this night.

 Christmas Eve was saved, and now, had officially begun!


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