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Chuckles and Buckley each sat astride the back of a reindeer while a third carried equipment and fourth carried supplies for the replacement of the trees. They arrived back in the spruce grove in the afternoon and the two elves got down off their mounts. The mission was to take two new trees back to replace the ones that had been unkindly harvested earlier.

     They “Helloooed” very loudly and waited for the new gremlin in charge of this grove to appear.  Smiling with anticipation, the new gremlin greeted the two elves.

    “You must be Chuckles and Buckley, Santa’s Hospitality Elves, with the new, young spruce saplings.”

     “Yes, we have come to replace the two trees taken by mistake,” announced Buckley. “We request permission to please plant them here in your sacred grove,” Chuckles continued.

“If you will follow me, I will show you to the places we have chosen,” replied the gremlin.
     It didn’t take long to transplant the new saplings because the trees were so small. After the planting was finished, Buckley opened a container of the stinky goop, pouring the contents around each tree.

     Chuckles offered a mug of hot cocoa to the gremlin and poured one for Buckley and himself. By the time Chuckles, Buckley and the gremlin had finished their cup of hot cocoa together in celebration of the new saplings, the trees were already three feet high and headed for the sky.

    Now that the two trees had been replaced, the rest of the plan could be put into effect. Santa knew that gremlins were attracted to lights and all things bright and glittery, so he gathered together as many elves as could be spared. The sledge was loaded with Christmas decorations and magic lights that didn’t need electricity to work.

     They started at the edge of gremlin grove and worked inward. Using magic, they were able to hang ornaments and lights in very short order. Tree after tree was covered in the lights and ornaments until the grove started to take on a festive look. When they were done, they all stood back and admired the beauty. Looking at the decorated grove, the words Merry Christmas were spelled out. Santa asked Holly Winter to call Mother Nature. Holly closed her eyes and sent the message.  Mother Nature appeared in their midst, and when she saw all the trees, so beautifully decorated, she smiled and nodded her approval. She then asked the Gremlin King to come to the gathering.

    After the king arrived, Santa said to him,   

           “Please accept this gift of the lighted trees as our way of apologizing for the loss of the two spruces. Chuckles and Buckley have already worked with your gremlin to replace the two trees. Mother Nature has helped explain to us, the greater need for respect and kindness for all living things. Through this experience perhaps Elves and Gremlins can reach a new level of understanding and communication in the future.”
    The gremlin king bowed before Santa and said, “You have done a very generous thing here today. You have given the gremlins a very special gift and on their behalf, I accept it. Every face in the group was a light from the trees, and lights twinkled in every eye. There amid the trees, gremlins and elves sat before a long table that the king had ordered set into place. All manner of food was placed upon it and everyone sat down to eat and have fun together. It was the first time in over a thousand years that anything like this had happened.


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