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Santa’s New Sleigh ~ Part 4 Conclusion
“Together Again”
A Chuckles and Buckley Adventure

     Everyone was celebrating Tyler and Santa's safe return back to the North Pole. After many hugs and pats on the back, they all knew they had to get back to work double time to get Santa's sleigh back.

  Tyler gave Tulley the locator and took it to the lab. It was in perfect working order and came on the instant it was plugged in. Tulley tapped a few keys and started the locator humming. Soon, a map with a lot of red x’s appeared on the wall.

     “All of those can’t be sleigh parts, can they?” Santa said pointing to the x’s.

      “No sir,” Tulley answered, “Those indicate a location every time something was ejected from the sleigh. It includes stinky glops as well as sleigh parts. All that has to be done is connect the x’s to find the path flown. If we figure out how often a stinky glop was ejected, I can come up with probable location for all the parts. Do you remember how often a stinky glop was ejected?” Working as a team, the time was calculated, and they were able to plot a map to begin the search.

  "When you find the recovered sleigh pieces, you might encounter some interesting circumstances." Santa said. The new sleigh was soaked in magical energy, meaning that every piece of the new sleigh is heavy in Christmas magic.

     "All we have to do is tune in to the magic of the sleigh and we can find all of its pieces,” said Tulley.

     “That's is correct ,” said Santa, “and I know exactly who can help us locate all the pieces.”

     “Who would that be?” asked Chuckles as Santa’s smile broadened.

     “Why, the very being who tore it apart.”

      “You’ve got to be kidding! Not the gremlin? Why him?” Chuckles sputtered.

     “Yes, the gremlin. He’s perfect for the job because he’s tuned into the spruce trees that make up the sleigh,” answered Santa. “All we have to do is convince him to help or should I say all you have to do is convince him to help.”

      “But sir, we don’t even know where he is. We’ve never seen him. How do we get him here?” asked Buckley.

     “You don’t have to, because he is already here,” said Santa. Santa looked up toward the rafters of the shop. “Isn’t that right Golly Gremlin?” After a quiet minute, a small gremlin head looked down from the rafters.

           “Please come down here so we may talk with you.” Buckley requested.

     “And why should I?” asked the gremlin, “All you’ll want to do is catch me and punish me for tearing up your new sleigh.” At this point, Santa stepped in.

     “As the Spirit of Christmas Joy, I give you my word that you will not be punished in any way. We would just like to talk,” Santa said.

      He was very small, not more than two feet high. He was quite furry in a mottled tan and brown pattern that looked a lot like tree bark. He had pointed ears that were almost bigger than his head. His eyes were deep set and black as coal yet there was a gleam of compassionate intelligence in them.

     “Ok, I’m here. Talk and maybe I’ll listen.” said Golly. Buckley decided to be direct but diplomatic.

     “We need your help. We have to find all the parts of Santa’s new sleigh before Christmas, otherwise, he won’t be able to reassemble it in time to deliver the toys to all the good girls and boys throughout the world.”

     “That’s not my problem,” said the gremlin. “You stole from me and how can I forgive that? What do I care if Santa can’t deliver presents. You stole the trees without asking. I've been banned from my family and I am ashamed that I didn't do my job right - how can I face them and my king after all that's happened?" cried Golly.

     At this point, Santa said, "Let me further explain Golly; a lot has happened that you are not aware of yet."

After Santa and Golly discussed all of the events and miscommunications, Golly was relieved, and ready to join the team in the search for the missing sleigh pieces.


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